Food & Beverage Cybersecurity Challenges

Loss of revenue
Reputation damage
Loss of competitive edge
Regulatory intervention

Modern food & beverage manufacturing facilities that operate dairy, sugar, oil and other types of production lines are heavily dependent on a variety of advanced manufacturing technologies. Companies that produce consumer packaged goods (CPG) or fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) are adopting Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)/Industrie 4.0 and standard connectivity technologies. This migration increases productivity and allows companies to focus more on innovation. The increasing productivity is coupled with new risks – such as operational downtime or product manipulation caused by a malicious hacker – which can jeopardize compliance with the FDA’s 21 CFR and good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Losing a production batch due to incorrect ingredient ratios, or manipulation of sugar levels or milk temperature, can cost food & beverage companies millions of dollars per production batch. Therefore, companies must ensure that their production management systems such as manufacturing execution system (MES) are running according to plan and are protected from malicious external intervention. Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated, and with intense and growing competition, a company’s competitive edge can be put at serious risk by a cyber theft attack targeting the company’s proprietary manufacturing information and intellectual property.

SCADAfence for the Food & Beverage Industry

Most of the existing IT security solutions available today are unfit for industrial networks. IT solutions, which are usually designed either for intrusive integration or with active components, can jeopardize operational continuity by adding unnecessary risks. In addition, the solutions are unable to inspect industrial protocols and to profile industrial behavior, and are therefore incapable of maximizing their potential in industrial networks.

SCADAfence’s passive solutions for food & beverage companies are designed to reduce operational risks such as downtime, product manipulation and theft of sensitive proprietary information. The company offers a comprehensive solution suite that includes continuous real-time monitoring of the industrial environment as well as lightweight tools designed to automate the security assessment process. The solutions are based on a deep understanding of the needs of food & beverage companies, and offer visibility of day-to-day operations, detection of cyber-attacks and forensics tools designed to improve responsiveness.

Industrial Network
and Asset Visibility
Detection of Cyber-Attacks
and Non Malicious Threats
Risk Management
and Predictive Alerts

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