SCADAfence Security Assessment Service

SCADAfence’s security assessment service is offered for free for a limited time.

How It Works

We use the SCADAfence Security Assessment product to analyze a capture file (PCAP) from your industrial (ICS/SCADA) network. The entire process is non-intrusive and is performed offline without risking your production activity. The free service also includes an in-depth analysis, part of our professional services offering, by our OT cybersecurity experts. You can sit in your office and get a security assessment of a local as well as a remote manufacturing / production site under your responsibility.

Understand Your Industrial Network

Automatically discover and digitize the inventory of assets in the industrial network. Map all industrial (ICS/SCADA) network activity – including the usage of industrial protocols, such as EtherNet/IP, Profinet and Modbus. Explore all the information using the interactive network map.

Discover Risks and Security Breaches

Discover risks that exist in the current network architecture and activity. This includes unmonitored connections to external environments, usage of insecure protocols and more. In addition, identify ongoing breaches and compromised assets based on their abnormal usage of network resources.

Free of charge,
with no commitment
Offline network
capture (PCAP) analysis
No prior knowledge or
configuration needed
Deep packet inspection of
industrial protocols
Industrial Network
and Asset Visibility
Detection of Cyber-Attacks
and Non Malicious Threats

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