451 Complimentary Analyst Report

SCADAfence Parries Threats to Industrial Control Systems With Visibility and Detection.
By Patrick Daly & Jonathan Stern, Feb 15, 2019

Over the past several years, industrial control system (ICS) security has become one of the more interesting topics in the overall security market. This is in part due to the geopolitical fears of state-sponsored groups targeting critical infrastructure, but is mostly in response to the continued convergence of IT/OT systems and the proliferation of connectivity in ICS environments that have expanded the attack surface and left essential cyber-physical systems open to manipulation.

This report discusses best practices for ICS Security and highlights the unique approach of SCADAfence for ICS security. The report also discusses the company’s products, partners, customers, competitors and finally a SWOT analysis on SCADAfence.

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451 Complimentary Analyst Report
451 Complimentary Analyst Report