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[Technical Webinar] The Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Device Patching

October 21, 2020

Learn Insights on Costs vs. Benefits of patching from the SCADAfence Research Lab. Three decision-making tools are also be provided.


  • In this webinar, Ofer Shaked, CTO & Co-Founder of SCADAfence discusses the costs of patching industrial devices and vulnerability discoveries on them.
  • Learn some of our customer case studies and what our research team has discovered.
  • Look at the benefits of patching devices, and see new insights from SCADAfence’s research lab with the vulnerabilities that we discovered. We also explain our conclusions, which are all actionable.
  • Get three excellent tools that will help you with the decision-making process if “to patch, workaround, or do nothing.”
  • Feel free to print the tools, fill them out, and share them with your workers & friends after the webinar.

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