The SCADAfence Security Assessment solution is a lightweight tool designed to help auditing or assessment teams in assessing the current security level of the industrial (ICS/SCADA) network. The solution can be installed on any PC or laptop, and analyzes offline network captures (PCAP) in a non-intrusive manner. The SCADAfence Security Assessment solution allows the assessment team to identify all existing assets and network activity, and reduce labor-intensive procedures. The interactive network map and asset inventory is used to analyze network usage, discover which protocols are being used, and perform segmentation analysis on IT/OT separation.

Furthermore, the SCADAfence Security Assessment solution helps the assessment team discover risks and ongoing breaches inside the ICS/SCADA network. Once the analysis is completed, all the information and findings are exported to reports that summarize the network activity and speed up the assessment process.

Key Benefits

Discover and Digitize

The SCADAfence Security Assessment solution automatically discovers and digitizes the inventory of assets in the industrial network. Based on this inventory, the solution maps all industrial (ICS/SCADA) network activity – including the usage of industrial protocols, such as EtherNet/IP, Profinet and Modbus – and displays it on an interactive network map.

Discover Risks and Breaches

Based on the analysis of the network captures, the solution discovers risks that exist in the current network architecture and activity. This includes unmonitored connections to external environments, usage of insecure protocols and more. In addition, if there is an ongoing breach, the SCADAfence Security Assessment identifies compromised assets based on their abnormal usage of network resources.

Automatic Reporting

All the interfaces of the lightweight assessment tool can be exported to a small offline tool, which can be easily distributed among the members of the assessment team and does not require the installation of any special software. In addition, the system automates and speeds up the process of generating reports that were previously generated manually, and summarizes the findings following the assessment.

How It Works

Lightweight – install on any computer

Offline network capture (PCAP) analysis

No prior knowledge or configuration needed

Deep packet inspection of industrial protocols

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