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SCADAfence provides extended services to help asset owners deal with the digitalization of their OT networks and the shortage of in-house OT security experts

OT Security Assessments

If you’re still unsure about your OT network exposure or hesitant about launching a new project in OT security, SCADAfence’s OT security assessments are designed for you.

Our security assessments include a risk analysis of your OT network and a security posture of your infrastructure. As part of the assessment process, we map out your network’s inventory, detect valuable communication patterns and uncover security issues-then provide you with a detailed findings report, with recommendations to mitigate the issues found.

OT Security Workshops

While the awareness of the risks and concerns regarding OT security has been growing rapidly in recent years, more education about the topic only helps. Whether you are looking to educate your senior management about security in your OT networks or train your team about recent security events and common best practices, our workshops will provide industry-leading expert information on OT security strategies to help you make better decisions.

Trends in OT attack and past
attacks analysis

Understand the latest trends in the OT threat landscape and analyze the recent attack scenarios in OT, including Havex, Industroyer, Black Energy, Trisis , WannaCry, and LockerGoga Highlight the differences between IT generic attacks and OT specific attacks.

Network topologies and
security weakness

Review common network topologies and their security weaknesses through the eyes of an adversary.

Best practices and steps
to achieve them

Step by step guide for best practices of OT security and what actions should be taken to achieve them

Incident Response and Forensics

Incident response in OT or an ICS environment is substantially different from that of IT. There are different considerations and priorities in an OT environment and so, while many organizations try to leverage their existing IT incident response capabilities in an OT environment, this may lead to additional damage or an ineffective response.

Our response teams have the right mixture of OT experience and security understanding. This makes them ideal in times of crisis. Our teams are distributed globally and ready to support you at any given moment, 24/7.

IT/OT Alignment

IT SecOPs practices are in most cases more mature than at their OT counterparts and the characteristics of the two environments are worlds apart. For example, while isolation of a specific endpoint in IT would be deemed as common practice in an event of a breach, isolating an asset in OT disrupts critical production and may cause substantial damage.
To help align the worlds of IT and OT, we offer the following services:

Creating OT Playbooks and
Response Procedures

Our team of experts will work with your existing SOC team to align their existing playbooks and create new ones to ensure readiness to future incidents in the OT infrastructure.

Gap analysis

Reviewing the current process and frameworks of both the IT and OT security practices to eliminate any gaps in the response capabilities of your security operations, suggesting best practice for complex OT infrastructure.

Constructing an Adaptive Framework

Our team will plan security controls, spanning the adaptive security model, in order to support OT-based use cases and the specific needs of your OT environment.


Recommendations for the toolsets needed to support the daily activities of your security operations. One example of this is the integration of tools such as SCADAfence Platform and Demisto’s orchestration and automation tool.

OT Network Monitoring and Response as a Managed Service

In some cases, you may need additional help in monitoring and responding to OT incidents. This is why we’ve put together our managed service for the SCADAfence platform. We’ve handpicked expert partners and joined forces to provide a unique service. Coupling our technology’s vast capabilities along with the industry-leading expertise needed to respond, in real-time, to cybersecurity incidents in your OT environment.

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