SCADAfence is a pioneer in securing Industrial IoT/Industrie 4.0 networks in the smart manufacturing and critical infrastructure sectors from cyber threats. In the pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage, automotive, utilities and energy industries, traditional cybersecurity solutions are inadequate for securing the unique equipment, protocols and behavior found in ICS/SCADA networks.

SCADAfence’s passive solutions for ICS/SCADA networks are designed to reduce the risks of operational downtime, product manipulation, proprietary data theft and ransomware attacks – without risking production environment availability. The solutions provide visibility of day-to-day operations, detection of malicious cyber-attacks as well as non-malicious operational threats, and risk management tools.

The company’s products are developed by OT cybersecurity professionals in cooperation world-renowned experts. SCADAfence’s operations are based in Israel’s cybersecurity center of excellence in Be’er Sheva, and the company is financially backed by JVP, a global leader in cybersecurity investments.

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