The SCADAfence Platform

Continuous OT network monitoring that provides visibility,
risk management and threat detection

Continuous Network Monitoring

OT network connectivity has become a mandatory business requirement.
It requires a shift in the security mindset from “How can I air gap or isolate?”
to “How can I stay secure while connected?”
SCADAfence Platform is a non-intrusive continuous network monitoring solution that was purposely built to provide the required visibility and security for organizations adopting advanced Industrial IoT technologies.

Visibility, Risk Profiling
and Threat Detection

SCADAfence automatically discovers the assets and their roles in the network, providing visibility into their behavior. With a wide range of algorithms and mechanisms, it detect anomalies that can compromise security, safety and reliability.

Designed for Large-Scale Complex Networks

SCADAfence was designed from day one with the unique capability of real time, wire-speed deep packet inspection, allowing it to analyze and protect 100% of network traffic in any architecture - including large-scale manufacturing networks.

Complementary to IT Security Firewalls and Gateways

SCADAfence is a complementary solution to IT security solutions such as firewalls and gateways. The firewalls provides perimeter control and enforcement, while SCADAfence provides internal visibility, monitoring and alerting.

Non-Intrusive OT Network Monitoring

SCADAfence Platform is a software-based, non intrusive monitoring solution that seamlessly integrates on mirroring port or as tap device into customers’ environment, without interfering with operational continuity.

How It Works


Seamless Deployment

Seamless Deployment

SCADAfence is deployed as a non-intrusive component in the OT network. By integrating with a mirroring port in network switches, there is no impact on day-to-day operational processes. The installation process requires zero downtime, and the platform algorithms are automatically configured without any input from the user. The solution is software-based and is available either as a virtual appliance or as a network appliance.


OT Network

OT Network

Once introduced into the OT network, SCADAfence starts to monitor the OT network activities. With passive DPI analysis and optional active polling, SCADAfence discovers all the assets in the network and their relevant industrial characteristics. The platform completely digitalizes the asset inventory and network communications mapping. In addition, an adaptive baseline is created to capture the current operational behavior of the environment.




SCADAfence algorithms offer real-time detection of malicious activities and anomalous behavior. This is based on deviations from normal behavioral profiles, rule-based capabilities, signature-based alerts and proprietary threat intelligence, the system detects abnormal activities that threaten the network. This includes cyber-attacks and non-malicious threats.


Integration with Existing Management Systems

Integration with Existing Management Systems

SCADAfence can seamlessly integrate with existing firewalls, SOCs, SIEM products, with log aggregation devices or incident handling systems and processes. It does so by interfacing with industry standard mechanisms, and by being part of the security management processes, with internal alert handling management and advanced reporting.


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