Features Overview

  • Automated Asset Visibility
  • Real-time Threat Detection
  • Remote Access Security
  • User Activity Management
  • CVE Vulnerability Management & Prioritization
  • Tailored Threat Intelligence
  • Active Capabilities to Enhance Asset Visibility & Enrichment Enrichment
  • Fast, Hassle-Free Deployment & Baselining
  • Integrates With Existing Architecture and IT Infrastructure

Advantages of the SCADAfence Platform

  • Highest detection rates and fewest false positives in the industry
  • Obtain a precise and customizable inventory of all devices connected to your network
  • Fully understand the level of exposure and risk to your OT network, with tailored threat intelligence
  • Get timely and accurate alerts about cyber security threats on your network, including anomalous or unauthorized actions
  • Monitor the activity of all remote users within your OT network
  • Customizable dashboards provide a birds-eye view of critical risks, top alerts, and network health status
  • Achieve the fastest time to value with implementation in less than a day

The SCADAfence Platform

Protecting The World’s OT Networks With Real-Time Threat Detection & Mitigation

For nearly a decade, the SCADAfence Platform has been protecting critical infrastructure and manufacturing organizations from cyber attacks. We do this by deploying a combination of passive and active network monitoring solution that continuously monitors your OT network via deep packet inspection and alerts you to possible security breaches and anomalous events in real time.

The SCADAfence Platform is already securing millions of devices for organizations around the world, including the world’s largest automotive manufacturer, A “Fortune 10” company, the largest manufacturing facility in Europe, the world’s largest aluminum producer, and many other critical infrastructure sites all around the world.

Fastest Time To Value

Setup and baselining complete in as little as 24 hours


The most scalable system available, both in terms of architecture and security analysis. Manage tens of thousands of assets with one system


Integrates with your IT security solutions and existing security controls, including firewalls, gateways, SIEMs and SOARs

Complete Asset Visibility And Management

  • Generate a precise, detailed inventory of all devices connected to your OT network
  • Continuously updated via passive scanning & optional active discovery
  • Manage the exposure of potential attack vectors
  • Automatic calculation of asset criticality incorporating process and safety impact
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How It Works

  • The SCADAfence Platform offers flexible deployment options to best suit your existing infrastructure
  • Can be installed via software, hardware, smart sensors, VM, or the cloud
  • We support TAPs, SPAN, RSPAN, ERSPAN, VSPAN, and NetFlow based monitoring

Real-Time Detection and Response

  • The Governance Portal aggregates information from multiple sites
  • Can also collect events from other security systems and map them to regulations
  • Inform external systems such as SIEM and Ticketing systems
  • GUI and REST API user interfaces

Remote User Monitoring

  • Monitor the activity of all remote users
  • Enable safe access to your OT network
  • View logs of all remote user activities
  • Integrates with your existing IT network remote monitoring solutions
  • Audit network access by searching for user actions performed with specific applications
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Customized For The Way You Work

  • Configure dashboards and alerts to display information most important to your organization
  • Critical health indicator lets you know the platform’s operational status
  • See top assets at risk
  • Analyze the high-level status of your open alerts
  • Understand your OT network traffic statistics

Advanced Support For MITRE ATT&CK Framework

  • Maps events to the MITRE ATT&CK for ICS model
  • Receive a deep understanding of which alerts are related to specific techniques and tactics
  • Provides a unified view of organization’s security posture based on MITRE ATT&CK
  • Suggests steps for mitigation of identified risks

Ensuring the Safety and Reliability of OT Networks

The SCADAfence Platform protects the physical safety of your employees and the communities where they live from the negative consequences of cyber security attacks. Our robust OT network security solution helps you ensure the reliability of your cyber physical systems, uphold your organization’s reputation, and minimize financial impact from service or production disruptions.

Interested in Learning More? Request a Demo NOW
Interested in Learning More? Request a Demo NOW

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