SCADAfence IoT Security

Manage Your Unmanaged IoT Devices

Features Overview
  • Vendor-agnostic centralized IoT asset inventory – Unique in the level of detail and wide device support
  • Proactive management of IoT devices for the ongoing reduction of the attack surface
  • Threat detection & prevention – AI-based technology that includes on-site automated learning
  • Multi-layer vulnerability management – IoT Configurations, Firmware/Software versions (CVEs) and Network vulnerabilities
  • IoT device configuration management
  • View & manage your IoT device fleet regardless of vendor or device models
  • Perform bulk management actions on IoT devices of different types
  • Uncover vulnerabilities and fix them using built-in, automated preventive actions
  • Detect and automatically respond to cyber threats targeting IoT devices or originating from IoT devices
  • Agentless – Enjoy a smooth onboarding process with an agentless, software-only solution
Supported Device Types 
  • IP cameras / NVRs
  • Printers
  • VOIP
  • Access control systems
  • IoT gateways
  • Smart sensors
  • Smart TVs
  • NAS
  • And many others…

SCADAfence IoT Security Manage Your Unmanaged IoT Devices

SCADAfence IoT Security is the only agentless, vendor-agnostic IoT security management product. It is capable of managing a deployed IoT device fleet over the network. Whether you use IoT devices as part of a business application or general-purpose IoT such as IP cameras and printers, SCADAfence IoT Security is the right solution for you.

The Challenge:

“IoT Manageability is a throwback to IT of 20 years ago” (Gartner 2019 Planning Guide for IoT)

IoT devices are a central part of the modern enterprise and can be found in nearly every network. Several assessments mention that enterprises may have more IoT devices connected to the enterprise network than workstations and servers combined.

Organizations often have a large number of IoT device models from multiple vendors, with limited security and management options. This low visibility of device information, configurations and device behavior results in an overall low-security level, one that leaves the devices exposed to compromise by malware and hackers.

  • Common Vulnerabilities Include:
  • Out-of-date firmware with critical vulnerabilities.
  • Old, weak or default passwords.
  • Insecure configurations IoT network architecture level vulnerabilities.
  • No detection of IoT-specific malicious activities or anomalous behavior.

Thus, IoT devices are now a low hanging fruit for attackers, who leverage them for different purposes. Read more on our blog post.

IoT Device Fleet Management

  • Automatic inventory of all IoT devices, regardless of vendors and device models
  • Detailed device information such as vendor, model, firmware versions and others
  • Perform bulk managerial actions on devices
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AI-based Threat detection and prevention

  • Detection of known and unknown threats
  • Micro Granular Baseline technology learns the normal operation of your IoT devices and alerts on any suspicious deviations from the baseline
  • Predefined profiles and behavioral detection – Protection from Day #1 with post-deployment AI-based learning to optimize the profiles based on actual network data
  • Perform automated & manual corrective actions

Vulnerability management

  • Find vulnerabilities in your asset database, prioritize and take proactive action
  • Limit the attack surface using built-in, automated preventive actions
  • Detect firmware and software vulnerabilities (CVEs)
  • Detect risky misconfigurations
  • Detect vulnerabilities at the network architecture level

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