Securing Building Management Systems (BMS) Cybersecurity

SCADAfence provides building operators the peace of mind to optimize their BMS systems while keeping them safe and secure

Smart Buildings Cybersecurity Challenges

Smart buildings are adopting a wide range of IoT technologies to optimize critical systems such as physical security, energy management, and HVAC, and are therefore more exposed to risks.
  • Connections between previously isolated systems creates new attack paths
  • Critical systems exposed to attacks can endanger human lives and safety
  • Lack of documentation within OT networks creates Shadow OT areas
  • Ransomware campaigns attempt to gain control over physical infrastructure
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As the trend toward smart buildings accelerates, the sophistication of these buildings is on the rise. More and more aspects of building management are being digitized and centrally managed. The benefits of making buildings smarter include: optimized energy consumption, reduced operational costs, and improved personal safety and security. In order to achieve these benefits, Building Management Systems (BMS) require increased connectivity: within each BMS, among separate buildings or even within entire smart city systems and the internet more widely.

All these advancements in connectivity incur security risks. The devices that control physical environments, are now much more susceptible to malicious attacks. The criticality of these systems makes them an inviting target for deliberate attacks. Coordinated attacks or failures in tandem with other emergency events can further increase the potential for significant damage. For example, simultaneous failures in fire safety systems, door controls, HVACs and other systems, at the time of a fire, can cause disastrous results.


SCADAfence Secures Building Management Systems

SCADAfence provides building operators with the required tools to gain visibility within their building management systems (BMS) and to continuously ensure that risks and threats are contained:
  • Complete network visibility with automatic asset discovery and digitalized inventory
  • Continuous network traffic monitoring and detection of anomalies and unauthorized actions
  • Non-intrusive and seamless deployment to avoid unnecessary risks
  • Detection of human error, misconfigurations and devices malfunction
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SCADAfence Platform keeps Building Management Systems (BMS) running securely with full network assets detection and mapping, continuous network traffic monitoring, and identification of anomalies and unauthorized actions. It helps map the smart building network, secure it, and improve its operational availability.

Upon deployment, the SCADAfence Platform begins by automatically discovering each smart building’s network assets and its roles in the network, and then provides visibility into its behaviour. SCADAfence Platform enables system administrators to monitor the assets’ behaviour and traffic patterns and to detect any network traffic anomalous behaviour. SCADAfence Platform identifies changes in network architecture and alerts on the addition or removal of devices. This helps preserve the security and availability of OT systems in smart buildings.


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