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The Governance Portal

Centralized Automated Governance of Industry Regulations for OT & IoT.

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Why Do Our Customers Love Us?

Our customers say that our products provide the highest detection rates and lowest false positives in the industry

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SCADAfence’s detailed security alerting has allowed my team to quickly detect and mitigate any malicious activity all across our OT environments.

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Managing OT security risks needs a special solution that is designed for OT environments and SCADAfence is that special solution.

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SCADAfence makes us to continue of safe and secure environment at our manufacturing plants.

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By integrating SCADAfence into our environment, we were finally able to add OT visibility, and monitoring to our ongoing security operations.

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SCADAfence’s accurate asset inventory and visibility tools allowed us to stop using outdated spreadsheets and to completely digitalize our networ...

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Award-Winning OT & IoT Cyber Security Products For Critical Infrastructure & Enterprises

Industrial IoT, OT & CPS Security

  • List Icon AI-Based Threat Detection & Prevention.
  • List Icon Vulnerability Management.
  • List Icon Automated Asset Management.

IoT Security

  • List Icon Centralized IoT Endpoint Orchestration & Management.
  • List Icon Perform Orchestration to Multiple Devices with 1 click.
  • List Icon Vulnerability Management Including Configuration, Firmware & Network Management.

Governance & Compliance

  • List Icon Configure an Organizational OT & IoT Cyber Security Policy.
  • List Icon Get Real-Time, Accurate Compliance Status Metrics & Reports Across All Sites.
  • List Icon Measure, View Trends, Learn Insights & Improve Over Time.

Industries Served

Our Groundbreaking Products Protect Millions of Devices Across Multiple Industries

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SCADAfence’s Global Coverage of Industrial Organizations

Defining the Future of OT & IoT Security

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    It’s really easy to deploy! Simply plug & play, no agents, no network latency – Up & running in hours!

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    Our users tell us that we have the highest detection rates in the industry, yet we don’t overload them with false positives.

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    You no longer have to travel for days to your remote sites to check their adherence to IEC 62443, we do it automatically and remotely for you.

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    You don’t have to deal with hundreds of malfunctioning or quarantined IoT devices, we manage and fix them for you.


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