SCADAfence for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices


SCADAfence for chemical manufacturing and industrial process plants


SCADAfence for food & beverage industries such as CPG and FMCG


SCADAfence for automotive OEMs, tier-1 suppliers and car part manufacturers


SCADAfence for smart manufacturing, Industrie 4.0 and digital factories

 Reduce risks such as:

Operational downtime, product manipulation, proprietary data theft and ransomware attacks


Industrial Network

and Asset Visibility

Automatically discover and digitize the asset inventory, and map all industrial network activity. Enhance response quality and speed by determining the root cause of events using advanced forensic analysis tools.

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Detection of Cyber-Attacks

and Non Malicious Threats

Detect a variety of cyber-attacks, from previously-known malware and disclosed vulnerabilities to new attack vectors. Additionally, you can monitor non-malicious threats such as misconfigurations and technical malfunctions.

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Risk Management

and Predictive Alerts

Discover industrial network security and architectural flaws that put operational availability at risk. Use predictive alerts to fix problems before they occur, and implement methodologies to avoid disruptive events.

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Nucleonic Phase Field

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Unknown Pulse Harmonic

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Quantum Tetryon Relay

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