• Yoni Shohet
    Yoni Shohet Co-Founder and CEO

    Yoni Shohet is the co-founder and CEO of SCADAfence. Yoni has vast experience in building strategies and leading complex cybersecurity projects in the OT security domain. Yoni developed his algorithmic and mathematical expertise in a mathematics excellence program at Bar-Ilan University. Prior to SCADAfence, Yoni served as a Captain in the elite technological unit of the IDF’s Intelligence Corps as a project manager and led multidisciplinary cybersecurity projects.

  • Ofer Shaked
    Ofer Shaked Co-Founder

    Ofer Shaked is the co-founder of SCADAfence, and is in charge of all of SCADAfence’s technological aspects. He is also the leader of the company’s engineering team. Ofer is an expert in the field of industrial cybersecurity. Previously, Ofer was the commander of the IDF Intelligence elite cybersecurity training program, and also served as a cybersecurity R&D manager. Ofer has over 10 years of experience in designing and implementing cybersecurity software products.

  • Noa Haran
    Noa Haran Advisory Board

    Noa Haran has over 17 years of experience with a proven track record in a variety of executive business positions such as Product Management and Strategy. Noa is serving as VP Product in Amdocs.  In previous roles, Noa was VP product in Cyberint, and Nokia Siemens Networks. With her wide expertise and vast business knowledge, Noa leads Amdocs’ Product Management. As part of her role, she is chartered with spearheading product management and strategic planning.

  • Yoav Tzruya
    Yoav Tzruya Board Member

    Yoav leads the JVP Cyber Labs. Yoav brings to JVP over twenty years of experience in digital media, content services, and telecom value-added services, as well as mission critical enterprise software in the fields of C5I and cybersecurity. Yoav has led investments in numerous companies, including ThetaRay, Morphisec, Coro.Net, SCADAfence, SDO, and CyActive (acquired by Paypal). Yoav holds an International Executive MBA from Kellogg/Northwestern and Tel Aviv Universities, as well as an M.Sc. in Computer Science and a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Tel Aviv University.

  • Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski
    Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski Board Member

    Nimrod brings to JVP a deep expertise in the area of information technology and information security. In this capacity, he contributes his knowledge to JVP portfolio companies as a board member of SCADAfence, MorphiSec, CoroNet and Secbi. He has served as a consultant to various governmental bodies in Israel and around the world, namely the FBI, IDF, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Law. He received his doctorate in law (J.S.D) from the Yale Law School and conducted his Post-Doc research in computer science on proactive security.

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