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Gartner Peer Insights Operational Technology Security

1200_628 Gartner Peer Sep 09 2020
Industry: Energy and Utilities
"Scadafence has well exceeded all expectations of service but in product quality as well. Their team has been extremely knowledgeable, customer-focused, and timely in all aspects of our interactions."
1200_628 Gartner Peer Sep 09 2020
Industry: Manufacturing
"SCADAfence is a solution that was easy to deploy, successfully detected all of our devices, and helped us comply with industrial compliance standards"
1200_628 Gartner Peer 2
Industry: Manufacturing
"We were surprised at how valuable it is to have real-time, accurate information about our security posture. SCADAfence extends the power of our security engineers and aligns our entire organization"
1200_628 Gartner Peer 4
Industry: Manufacturing
"SCADAfence’s performance in large-scale networks and their detection capabilities are unlike any other platform in the industry"
1200_628 Gartner Peer 1
Industry: Manufacturing
"Our organization has tried many OT network security tools on the market place and the SCADAfence Platform hands-down was the champion of all our evaluations"
1200_628 Gartner Peer 6
Industry: Manufacturing
"It is an excellent solution for security. It sends you notifications each time that your security is compromised"
1200_628 Gartner Peer 5
Industry: Services
"The best solution for industries designed for Operational Technology also is advanced and different from traditional IT monitoring and cyber-security solutions"
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