C-Level and Board

Top level executives acknowledge that proper OT security is critical to enable their constant striving to improve their efficiency by digitalizing their operations.

Securely Embrace
Digital Transformation
With OT Management

Implement new and innovative digital technologies, without exposing your OT networks to unnecessary risk. Substantially reduce your risk with no disruption to your existing operations and with a seamless deployment that passively integrates with your current infrastructure and security operations.
Future Proof OT Security
scadafence’s strongest forte is our ability to support scale. As such, we are ideally fit to grow with you while you go through your digital transformation journey, supporting your entire OT network as it evolves and expands.
Increased Safety and Reliability
By keeping a constant eye on your OT networks, monitoring all activities and flagging any anomalies in real-time, SCADAfence ensures your teams have the tools to ensure safety and reliability of your production environment.
The Maturity of IT Security, for OT
The IT security ecosystem has been developing for decades to support the needs of IT and corporate networks. By using SCADAfence, you will bring the same level of maturity and security to your critical OT networks.
Continuous Risk Management
Continuously secure and reduce the risk of operational disruption, IP theft and increase your employee’s safety. We visualize and protect against emerging cyber-threats, operational and human error.

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