The SCADAfence Governance Portal

Features Overview
  • Multi-Site regulatory and policy compliance framework
  • Compliance policy manager – define required compliance standard
  • Organizational policies compliance management
  • Compliance dashboards – automatically created, and available at all times for compliance visibility
Advantages With The SCADAfence Governance Portal
  • Increase readiness and compliance for organizational policies and regulations
  • Accurate auditing based on real traffic data
  • Enable end-to-end management of the compliance process across the organization
  • Ready-to-use compliance dashboards and reports for managerial and regulative use
  • Enable a gradual enforcement process – with flexible policy options

The SCADAfence Governance Portal

The SCADAfence Governance Portal provides a governance solution portal that enables IT and OT departments to centrally define and monitor their organization’s adherence to OT-related regulations and security policies. The SCADAfence Governance Portal offers users the ability to define compliance enforcement policies and continuously monitor compliance enforcement status for various ICS standards, frameworks and regulations. It measures compliance progress made over time across all sites and identifies all of the gaps and bottlenecks providing continuous governance oversight using the most up-to-date technology.

The SCADAfence Governance Portal can be compared with self-reporting and sending auditing teams on-site. The SCADAfence Governance Portal has built-in, site-specific compliance reports which enable users to generate systematic strategies and improve organizational security at scale.

Fully Automated

Doesn’t require any manual labor in reporting


This automated solution doesn’t suffer from human errors and misunderstandings


The reports are based on real-time information coming from the remote sites. No need to wait for the next quarter or year to get results

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Get Full Compliance Between IT & OT

  • IT and OT departments can centrally define and monitor organizational adherence to policies & regulations
  • “Translate” the technical network and security events into measurable risks and manageable action items
  • Interface to any other network and security system to complete the compliance view
  • Receive accurate information based on real-traffic data
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Compliance Coverage Details

  • IEC-62443
  • ISO-27001
  • NIST-1800-23
  • EU NIS Directive
Organizational Policies
  • User-defined policies, best practices
  • 3rd Party systems
  • Firewalls, vulnerability managers, end-point security and other

SCADAfence Governance Portal - Solution Architecture

  • The Governance Portal aggregates information from multiple sites
  • Can also collect events from other security systems and map them to regulations
  • Inform external systems such as SIEM and Ticketing systems
  • GUI and REST API user interfaces

How To Set A Policy Set
The Security Policy Over Multiple Sites

Regulation Sections Examples:
  • Network segmentation & segregation
  • Password policy
  • Protocol security
  • Open vulnerabilities
  • Incident response
3 Enforcement Modes:
  • Mandatory – Measure & set risk score
  • Optional – Measure but ignore risk
  • Unenforced – Ignore

How To Measure Your Compliance

  • Always available compliance status dashboards
  • Per site risk score and trends over time
  • Per site detailed compliance reports
  • Based on actual network traffic

Fully Customizable – Tailored To Your Needs

  • Add/remove alert from compliance monitoring
  • Add/remove alerts from 3rd party systems
  • Add/remove organizational policies and best practices

Centralized Multi-Site Portal

  • Central multi-site dashboards
  • Multi-tenancy supported for MSSP models
  • Private and public cloud models
  • Asset and alert aggregation as well
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REST API Interface

  • For integrations with external systems
  • Read and alerts, assets, etc.
  • Central API keys management, with multi-tenancy supported

Unique Advantages - Why You Should Request a Demo today

  • This is the only dedicated governance solution in the market
  • You get cross-site policy creation and compliance measurement
  • This is a cross-system – 3rd party product agnostic
  • You receive 24/7 continuous visibility into your compliance status
  • All information is based on real traffic, not offline assessment

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