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The Buyer's Guide To OT Cyber Security

Choosing the best OT security solution for your organization can be a daunting assignment. There are many variables to consider before selecting a vendor, including time to value, ROI,
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The 2022 State of Operational Technology Survey Results

SCADAfence surveyed over 3,500 OT and IT security experts on 6 continents, to get their thoughts on the current state of industrial
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Hack The Port Report 2022

Hack The Port 2022 is a competition sponsored by U.S. Cyber Command, the
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A Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Device Patching

[Public Preview] A Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Device Patching. In this presentation, CTO & Co-Founder Ofer Shaked discusses the costs of patching industrial

[Demo] SCADAfence Remote Access Security

Ofer Shaked, CTO & Co-Founder of SCADAfence shows a live demo of how security teams can gain
Case Study

Securing the World's Leading Provider of Industrial 3D Printing

EOS is the world’s leading technology provider for manufacturing solutions with metals and plastics and offers 3D printers, materials, software as well as additive manufacturing