Hack The Port Report 2022

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Hack The Port Report 2022

Hack The Port 2022 is a competition sponsored by U.S. Cyber Command, the NSA, and the Maryland Innovation & Security Institute (MISI), that simulated a real-world attempt to compromise the security of a functional maritime port in the United States.

SCADAfence was one of the competition’s “blue teams” who acted as defenders of the port against the “red teams” who were invited to attempt to compromise the port’s technological security infrastructure.

This white paper gives an overview of the competition, and details the success of SCADAfence in successfully defending the port against the attacks.

Download the report now for detailed insights into how SCADAfence:

  • Knew immediately when red teams launched new attacks against the port.
  • Defended against a wide variety of standard hacker methods including Metasploits, DCSync Attacks, and brute force attacks.
  • Detected attackers attempting to sent start/stop commands to PLCs, and compromise domain controllers.
  • Proved the SCADAdence platform can protect against Log4J attacks.
  • Impressed event organizers who said, “The SCADAfence blue team provided the most comprehensive reporting details…with the fewest false positives.”
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