💾 White Paper

The SCADAfence Governance Portal - NERC CIP Cyber Security Framework Compliance

July 14, 2020

The SCADAfence Platform for OT cybersecurity, combined with the SCADAfence Governance Portal, helps utility companies ensure that their Bulk Electric System (BES) is secure and reliable according to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation critical infrastructure protection (NERC CIP) standards.

The SCADAfence Governance Portal includes a built-in NERC CIP module which provides cross-organizational tracking and measurement of NERC CIP adherence.

The SCADAfence Governance Portal provides:

– Fully automated compliance dashboards and detailed compliance reports.
– Compliance status trends and comparisons over time.
– Accurate and up-to-date compliance status based on real network traffic data analytics.
– Tracking and measurement of regulations and organizational best practices.

This whitepaper covers how your organization can achieve NERC CIP compliance by using the SCADAfence Governance Portal.