OT Security for Vulnerable Devices

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OT Security for Vulnerable Devices

OT devices run on legacy and proprietary software that was not designed with built-in security. These devices were not originally designed for network connectivity much less security. They lack sufficient user, data and system authentication capabilities. Their software cannot be updated or patched frequently, due to access limitations, concerns over downtime or the need to re-certify systems.

This has made industrial organizations a prime target for tailored APT attacks, traditional malware, phishing and ransomware attacks that usually start on the IT network. ICS devices are an especially enticing target for attackers who use ransomware because they know that businesses would rather pay the ransom than face having the machine offline—or, worse, taken down completely.

Operational Technology Solutions

The rapid increase in threats to industrial organizations and their operating systems and devices has highlighted the importance of complete visibility into their industrial devices and OT networks. Additionally, industrial organizations need to define their security roadmap with more effective cybersecurity into their OT networks.

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that compromise the safety and reliability of OT systems.

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