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SCADAfence IT / OT Governance Portal

January 8, 2020

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for standards and guidelines to manage the risk exposure of OT infrastructures. IT and OT departments, who typically manage the cyber security standards across the organization, are now required to monitor the compliance of these standards across the various OT locations, central and remote. This includes industrial plants, distribution centers, automated warehouses, building management systems, datacenter infrastructures, and other critical networks.
On the other hand, the information provided today by the various IT and OT tools are dispersed and are of a very technical nature. This makes the ability to translate them into risks and to prioritize actionable mitigations, very challenging and time-consuming.
The most common means of compliance tracking today, are manual questionnaires and periodical on-site visits. This results in outdated compliance information, as well as time and resource consuming compliance processes. When compared to the fast pace of advancements in attacker methods and tools, these processes are lacking the required agility to respond, and are inhibiting the effectiveness of countermeasures to the compliance findings.


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