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[Spanish Webinar] Common Pitfalls In OT Network Segmentation & How To Overcome Them

July 20, 2020

Trust Dimension and OT Security leader SCADAfence, have come together to discuss the importance of OT network segmentation during these times. The cybersecurity requirements for the OT (Operational Technology) environment change rapidly. We need to be very aware of these changes and be prepared.

This webinar, co-hosted by Octavio Flores (CEO of Trust Dimension) and Ilay Rennert (VP of Sales of SCADAfence) discusses how and why today’s OT infrastructures are coming under increasing attacks from criminals using a new generation of sophisticated, tailored threats. Plus, see how the right set of security and access-management solutions can help you effectively build out industrial networks using smart, secure segmentation.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Opening – Ilay Rennert, SCADAfence VP Sales
  • About Trust Dimension – Octavio Flores, Trust Dimension CEO
  • SCADAfence At A Glance – Ilay Rennert
  • Common Pitfalls in Network Segmentation – Ilay Rennert
  • Computer Malware vs. Biological Viruses – Ilay Rennert
  • Demo – Tom Thirer VP Product, SCADAfence [English]
  • Q&A Session – Ilay Rennert


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