Cybereason & SCADAfence Joint Solution

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Cybereason & SCADAfence Joint Solution

A Joint Solution from Cybereason and SCADAfence.

Cybereason and SCADAfence combine the industry-leading endpoint protection platform with the most comprehensive continuous OT network visibility and threat detection available. The result is correlated operational network traffic and behavioral detection with host and user behaviors across multiple network areas, enabling your organization to detect and stop complex attacks earlier and more completely across IT and OT.

This joint solution solves these issues:

– Governance: Add policy configuration for your Cybereason-enabled endpoints in your organization, and monitor the adherence to these policies using the SCADAfence Governance Portal.
– Connect the Dots: Enrich investigations with #OTNetwork information to connect the dots, especially in attacks against unmanaged devices without a security agent.
– Preventive Actions: Limit the attack surface from the network segment level to the endpoint level. Perform granular endpoint-level blocking such disabling malicious host network interfaces.

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