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[WEBINAR] Efficient Industrial Cyber Security - How to Get Quick Results Without Draining Your Resources

July 11, 2020

Industrial organizations have been running cybersecurity programs for years. These programs rarely reach the results that were originally hoped for, take longer, require more resources than originally planned.

With greater understanding and better-developed strategies, the funding for a cyber-security program is easier to obtain and your program is much more likely to succeed.

In this webinar by SCADAfence’s Co-Founder & CTO, Ofer Shaked, and Logic, Inc.’s Clint Schneider you will:
  • Understand the adversaries’ perspective on your organization.
  • Propose a checklist with measurable KPIs for an industrial cyber security management program.
  • Discuss which tools are available in the market to reach these KPIs – Including: Threat detection, network mapping, network segmentation, asset management, vulnerability management, etc.
  • See a Demo of some of the high-ROI tools that are available for you.
  • Review an efficient industrial cyber security program and discuss how it delivers quick results for your organization.

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