[Webinar] Remote Access Connections & Compliance for OT Networks - SCADAfence & Ipsiety

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[Webinar] Remote Access Connections & Compliance for OT Networks - SCADAfence & Ipsiety

Ipseity Security and OT Security leader SCADAfence, have come together to discuss the importance of OT security during these times.

The cybersecurity requirements for the OT (Operational Technology) environment change rapidly. We need to be very aware of these changes and be prepared. This webinar covers two main topics: Remote Access Security and Governance & Compliance.

The Challenges of Remote Access Security: Recently, most of the global workforce has transitioned to working remotely. While every organization has invested a lot into remote work and have fully digitalized their workforce, not a whole lot was invested in security controls around the connections themselves. Working remotely means opening networks up to exponentially more external access – networks that were previously never opened to such access, or had very limited remote access to them.

The Challenges of Governance & Compliance: In recent years, there has been a growing demand for standards and guidelines to manage the risk exposure of OT infrastructures. This includes industrial plants, distribution centers, automated warehouses, building management systems, data center infrastructures, and other similar networks.


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