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SCADAfence Constantly Innovates and Provides the World’s Most Comprehensive OT, IoT, and Governance Products.

SCADAfence, the technology leader in OT & IoT security, exists to protect the lives of civilians. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, SCADAfence helps organizations gain visibility into their OT & IoT environment, to automatically detect all of their assets, to digitalize their inventory, and most importantly – to make sure that their OT & IoT environments are kept safe from sophisticated cyber-attackers.
A recipient of the Gartner “Cool Vendor” award in 2020, SCADAfence currently protects some of the largest industrial organizations in the world.

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Benefits of Continuous Monitoring OT Networks from Day 1
Continuous Visibility and Inventory
Automate asset discovery and inventory management to have ongoing updated accurate view of the OT network and changes made.
Enhance Design and Implementation
Improve processes based on insights from the operational network – ensuring full coverage of needs and reducing errors in execution.
Reduce Security Risk Exposure
Detect suspicious behavior, malware infections and potential attack vectors – taking actions early to raise security level from day one.
Increase Network Availability
Detect misconfigurations, anomalous network behavior and network failures – reducing the likelihood of operational downtime.
Security Policy Enforcement
Monitor new connections and activities by internal employees to enforce security policies, increase awareness and improve resilience.
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