💾 Case Study

SCADAfence Secures Argentina’s T6 Agro-Industrial Complex

March 3, 2020

Terminal 6 is one of the Largest Private Ports in Latin America:

• Daily reception of 76,000 tons of products.

• Milling capacity of over 20,000 tons/day.

• Produce crude oil, protein meal shell pellets & refined glycerin.

• Over 1.3 million tons shipped.

Terminal 6 selected SCADAfence as their cyber security management solution for their OT & IoT devices. They needed a solution that can provide them with cybersecurity, policy management and allows them to quickly adopt their industrial networks to industry 4.0 standards.

The challenge facing SCADAfence was to safeguard Terminal 6’s technology-diverse industrial shipping and soybean oil production facilities, while it was being rapidly expanded and upgraded.

This exclusive report explains all of Terminal 6’s challenges and how SCADAfence helps them remain productive and secure while adopting their digital transformation.