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[Q&A Session Webinar] CIOs Must Adapt to a New World Immediately! With CIO Darrell Stein

June 14, 2020

Just look at what’s happening in 2020…it’s a whole new world filled with uncertainty and chaos. In this webinar, SCADAfence’s CEO Elad Ben-Meir, and Darrell Stein, ex CIO of Reckitt Benckiser (RB), Marks and Spencer, and Vodafone, will discuss the challenges that 2020 has thrown at CIO’s. Here are a few of the topics that will be discussed: – How have budgets been optimized due to the COVID19 aftermath? – How can a CIO request a budget from the board & what strategies should CIOs consider during these times? – How can industrial organizations remain secure during these challenging times? – How should organizations plan their BCP (Business Continuity Planning) in light of what’s happening during these times?


Moderated by Michael Yehoshua, SCADAfence’s VP of marketing

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